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An article published by the Mayo Clinic reports that people
with Alzheimer's feel better, both physically and emotionally,
when they get regular, moderate exercise.

Programs that engage individuals in meaningful activities, exercise and social interaction may reduce the frequency of wandering. Walking - the most readily available form of exercise - can be combined with other useful activities.
Moderate exercise helps many people with Alzheimer's disease feel better - both physically and emotionally. As little as 20 minutes of walking three times a week can boost mood, decrease risk of falls, reduce wandering and delay nursing home placement in people with Alzheimer's. Some types of repetitive household tasks can provide exercise while allowing someone with Alzheimer's to feel like he or she is helping out.

Neurology Today reported symptoms of Alzheimer's disease can be reduced by
reading and engaging in leisure activities may reduce the risk or delay the onset of clinical manifestations of dementia, according to a new study published in Neurology Today. A thorough physical exam will reveal any health problems that may impose restrictions on an exercise program.

Sample Activities from my Book and DVD
Hula Hoop
Yes!! Even a person with Alzheimer's can enjoy exercising with a Hula Hoop. Of course, they must be supervised and guided to use it at their level. It is easier to do this exercise activity while sitting in an arm chair. The chair arms provide a place to grip to help them balance. Grasp the hoop with both hands and turn it left and right as if you were driving.
Lifting exercises
A gallon jug can provide a means of strengthening muscles by progressively filling it with water to increase the weight.
Even an empty container can offer enough resistance for a frail person to benefit from. The handle on the container provides a convenient way to grasp the jug and lift it as much as possible without straining.
How many times have you heard that effective communication is the key to success? It is no different with Alzheimer's. Improved communication can open the door to participating in activities and trigger memories. This will improve self confidence and reduce anger and fear.
Favorite Jewelry
Sorting through a jewelry box and finding one to wear is fun and can bring back good memories and stimulate productive conversation. Just sorting through them may be enough stimulation to trigger positive memories.
Finding Numbered Items
Finding familiar items in a box can be very stimulating. In early stage the person can look for a number and identify the item, or look for an item you asked for and tell you the number. In later stage, just sorting through the items may help them find a favorite one. Let them keep the item if is safe for them to use without supervision.
Soft Ball & Balloon Toss
Many soft ball exercises can be very relaxing at any stage of dementia. Just squeezing the ball can be a satisfying experience and improve hand and finger strength. Sponge balls can be used to play catch, roll across a table, or kick back and forth on the floor. The ball should be soft enough to easily squeeze, and large enough so it is not a choking hazard.

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